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According to the confirmed revelation of god Rev. Victor Rajamani has now started a 24hours T.V. Channel on 26th September 2010. At present this T.V is being telecasted through out North Chennai. this Web T.V. which can be viewed worldwide has been started. You can log in by using Elshaddai tv.in El Shaddai T.V has been launched by Dr.Stella Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls) on 26th September 2010.
This El-Shaddai TV reaches millions of people through cable and web tv. many people has received miracles through this tv ministry. People come in person to testify their testimonies took place through this tv. Through this El- Shaddai tv 18 new unbelievers are attending the church within 3 months.

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Gethsemane full Gospel Church was started by Rev. Victor Rajamani. According to the word of God A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation. This ministry was started by him at his tender age of 19 in the year 1991.At present this church has 800 believers. Rev. Victor Rajamani is the Founder and President of this Church.

Three times he had a VISION from the LORD in his 7days fasting prayer that church will have 7000 believers. Inorder to fulfill the VISION the LORD has given him a big place in Tjiruvottiyur Chennai. In the year 2003.

Since then Rev. Victor Rajamani has committed himself to preach the Good News of the kindom, not only in Chennai but him throughout the Indian Sub-continent. God is using him Powerfully in many convention and Church growth Seminar during these last days. In 1995, he married Anita Mary. She has always been a pillar of support and has encouraged him in all his endeavors.



Rev.Victor Rajamani conducts a programme called prayer time. In this he prays for all the problems, Sickness , deliverance from witchcrafts and bondages. Many people were delivered through this prayer time. Through this programme Sis.Jayanthi and Sis.Tulasi was blessed. Many Ministers of God shares the word of God, conducts worship and Bible studies in the El -Shaddai tv.

You can telecast your message every week at our El-Shaddai Tv. It costs Rs.600 only For 30 minutes. If you have your song and Worship DVD you can send it to us So that we can telecast it in our El–Shaddai TV Channel with your permission. Songs and Worship will be telecasted Free of charge.

We request the people who would like to support the El-Shaddai can send your offerings or Cheque in favour of EL -SHADDAI VISION.

Jayanthi was
healed from Cancer

Sis.Tulasi Family
was united


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